Gravity Chimp

Project Stats:

Name: Gravity Chimp
Client: College
Production Time: 4 weeks
Date: October 2013
Engine/language: Unity3d/C#
Platforms: PC, Android
Tools: 2dToolkit
Team members: 2 programming students and 4 art students

Project Description

This was the first time I used Unity for a group project and I learned a lot. We created a platformer/puzzle game where You play a chimp who is imprisoned in a spaceship/laboratory. You gain the ability to switch gravity and you use it to escape.

My Contributions

I Build the level. A part of it is created with tiled and loaded with 2dtoolkit. I also used 2dtoolkit to create atlases and implement all the animations. My other contributions are the Player mechanics, camera movement, enemy movement, checkpoints, and other small tasks.