• Dashavatara screenshot tutorial - Kit van de Bunt
  • Description:

    A runner game. You have to switch between 3 different Avatars of the god Vishnu, and use their abilities during the game to overcome obstacles. The goal off the game is to eradicate evil forces and restore the dharma the order that makes life and universe possible.

    My Major Contributions:

    • Player Mechanics
    • Most off the Game Mechanics
    • Level loading from json
    • Using nape physics
    • Animation Factory to remove loading time during game
    • Reducing draw calls
    • Using ATF textures to reduce loading time and memory consumption
    • Profiling and optimizing with adobe scout


    Name: Sub Defense
    Production Time: 8 weeks
    Date: May 2014
    Engine/language: Adobe Air runtime/AS3
    Platforms: Android(Adobe Air runtime)
    Tools: adobe scout(profiling), adobe atf tool(Textures)
    Libraries: Starling, StarlingGraphics(used for debug draws), Nape Physics, SpriterAS(Animation)


    Kit van de Bunt programmer
    Ted de Vos programmer
    Aaron Ligthart artist
    Lieske TimmerMans artist
    Iris van der Velden artist
    Sanne Oudshoorn artist
    Merel van der Velden media manager
    Prisilla Schaap media manager
    Pim van Ballegoijen de Jong media manager
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