RTS PSVita (A* Patfinding)

  • RTS PSVita - Kit van de Bunt
  • RTS PSVita - Kit van de Bunt


    This is a Rts kind off game. We had a month to finish this project, which we knew probably wasn't going to be enough to create the game we did like to make, but we wanted to try anyway. At the end we didn't succeed in creating a compleet game but I learned alot and had fun. One of the things I learnd was A* pathfinding. I also learned how to do lost of isometric calculations and interactions. And I created A simple GUI system witch works with anchors and scaling.


    Name: rts psvita
    Production Time: 4 weeks
    Date: January 2014
    Engine/language: Unity3d/C#
    Platforms: PC, PSVita


    Kit van de Bunt programmer
    Ted de Vos programmer
    Jeremy Bond programmer
    Maarten Kemp artist
    Iris van der Velden artist
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