Spirit of the Shaman

  • Spirit of the Shaman - Kit van de Bunt
  • Description:

    This is a 2d platformer with melee combat. You play a Shaman who has to guide a spirit to safety. On you way you have to defend the spirit from enemies and feed it souls from enemies you kill so that it has enough energy to continue the journey.

    My Major Contributions:

    • Player Mechanics
    • Most of the level design and building
    • background parallax
    • enemy AI


    Name: Spirit of the Shaman
    Production Time: 2.5 weeks
    Date: January 2014
    Engine/language: Unity3d/C#
    Platforms: PC


    Kit van de Bunt programmer
    Petar Dimitrov programmer
    Charleton Mercelina artist
    Jasper Boerstra artist
    Mitchell Rijkstra artist
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