Sub Defense

Project Stats:

Name: Sub Defense
Client: College
Production Time: 5 weeks
Date: January 2014
Engine/language: Unity3d/C#
Platforms: PC, PSVITA
Team members:

Project Description

A underwater tower defence/shooter. Mutated fish are attacking the base and you have to stop them by building towers, placing mines, and shooting at them.

My contributions

My main contributions were:

  • player mechanic
  • enemy behaviour
  • tower behaviour
  • Implementing the GUI
  • most particle effects

The ItemManager is probably the most important script I wrote. I also made different versions of the player movement script until I found something that I and the rest of my team liked. But the most complicated piece of script I wrote was probably the tower rotation. It estimates a position ahead of the enemy fish to shoot at. This is needed because the bullets are not fast enough to aim directly at the current position of the moving fish.

I ported the game to psvita in my free time using Unity for PlayStation Mobile.